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Lay Low. Produce Much. | taught by Genesis Dorsey
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You know what I'm talking about.  The tomb that other people put you in with their words and negative attacks. The tomb you put yourself in with your own thoughts towards yourself. Your purpose was placed in the grave never to return. They wrote you off. Told you that they knew it was going to happen. They knew you would not make it.

But wait....plot twist?

While they placed you in your tomb, you reached and grabbed your pen. Maybe your computer. Maybe it was your phone. You began to work. By this time, they really wrote you off. I mean who comes back after being put in a tomb?

Jesus. Lazarus was the pre-show but Jesus was the main act. The thing about tombs is that they can only contain the permanently dead. They can't hold you back if you still have some life in you. We have to learn how to embrace the fact that people have put us away to never return again. It's the ultimate element of surprise. That's why I created this online self-paced e-course that includes a workbook. It's called "Counted Out". It's dedicated to the ones who have counted themselves out either due to others or themselves.

God told me to make them as one unit and so I obeyed. I know that this course isn't for everybody. It's for those that feel like you've made too many mistakes to be counted in. It's for those who think that others see them as not enough.

I made this course for you.

Includes over an hour of teaching with access to download files to keep the teaching FOREVER!

Includes 35 Page Workbook with pages for notes, 21 Day Scripture Study, and more!

Hear the Reviews:

Hey, sis! Your counted our course has been a huge blessing to me.  I have so many things that, for years, I allowed to count me out. I even have some recent things. After watching your videos, I have such fire 🔥 to press forward and so much of what I feel, the friction, makes so much sense. I can't stop and I won't stop!
The 21-day studies are helping me dive deeper as well. I'm so excited about putting what I've learned into action so I can walk even more boldly in my purpose. Your obedience and passion inspires me. Thank you for being you!

-Tiffany L.

Genesis Dorsey
Genesis Dorsey
Creator & Instructor

Genesis Dorsey is a business coach, consultant, and speaker. She travels the world teaching entrepreneurs how to build platforms, grow their communities, and create scalable income through products and services.

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Section One: Mistakes
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Section Two: People
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Section Three: Jesus
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